It’s Savings month, so what must happen now?

Two years ago around this time, I decided to write a scathing blog post at my disappointment in young people and big financial institutions, for their disregard for the importance of financial literacy and the month of July- National Savings month.

The blog post was brutal and honest. Like typing “OK”, as a response to an ex’s last text. Two years later and the landscape is slowly changing. THANK GOD! There is a rising group of young people who want to be financially savvy and are asking all the right questions. Financial institutions have moved away from running pointless money saving campaigns using rappers and celebrities. We demand content that is real and relatable.

Financial education isn’t only up to corporate and financial institutions. As the youth we need to create informal spaces to have the often-difficult money conversations and lead fintech revolutions that will help us manage our money better.

This year, I will be complaining less and doing more. I will be hosting another Youth Money Circle event. A free and colorful financial literacy initiative for the Youth. Featuring Thando Thabethe (5FM Dj), award-winning financial planner Warren Ingram (award-winning financial planner and author), Ilze Alberts (Wealth Psychologist) and Neptal Khoza (Head of the Capitec Foundation). Whilst incorporating laughter, slush, popcorn, book giveaways and a DJ as tools to start the conversations around money with young people. My hope with this event is to make wealth creation cool while getting young people to a place where they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to make responsible financial decisions that suit their situations. I am grateful that The Capitec Foundation saw value in the event and have partnered with me. Seats are limited and can be booked on using this link

We honestly can’t wait for government and institutions to wise up during this month. We are the future and we must rise. Take better steps to equip ourselves with knowledge. There are numerous free products, platforms and books at our disposal.  There’s a great initiative by 1 life called Truth About Money. They offer a FREE online financial education course. They also offer debt management, counseling and will and estate planning services. Local municipal libraries also have numerous financial books like, “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Just One lap is an online portal that offers free information on learning how to invest. While financial journalist, Maya Fisher-French has a fantastic website that offers insight and guidance. The reality is that information changes situations.

Its Savings month and you are asking what must happen. Take the time to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions that suit your financial situation and shape your future. Read, research and attend seminars.

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