The Next Youth Money Circle Event #TAM2019

4 amazing speakers, slush, popcorn, book giveaways and vouchers!

Financial Freedom in our generation! That’s our mission as Youth Money Circle. To create spaces for young people to engage with money, while sipping on slush cocktails and jamming to some fine tunes. To debunk the myths and misconceptions about wealth creation. To have real conversations about what we are doing wrong and to commit to having better financial habits.

All we can do is create the spaces, get the speakers and invest in educating the youth about financial literacy. Yours is to show up, ask real questions, learn and grow. Yours is to have a teachable money spirit!

What most people fail to understand is that money is a personal relationship that requires constant work. If you abandon and abuse your money, how do you expect to have a loving relationship with it?  Your Chunkuras will ghost and blue tick you. So it’s all about having a good relationship with your money and it can all start on the 28th September, at our next financial literacy event.

Thanks to Truth About Money, a 1Life initiative and Easy Equities for seeing value in financial education. Thanks to Samke Mhlongo, Winnie Kunene, Busi Selesho and Lesedi Mfolo for giving us their time and expert skills to empower us.

Where you are financially today, is a sum of every choice you’ve ever made. If you don’t like where you are, start making different choices. Will you choose to show up to the next Youth Money Circle? 4 amazing speakers, slush, popcorn, book giveaways and vouchers!

Seats to our next event are free but limited. Follow the link to register:

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