My heart is pounding through my chest. I take a deep breath and the words erupt from my mouth, “I want to make financial education free and cool for young people. To create an event called Youth Money Circle”. This was the beginning of my journey with fostering an impactful movement. A place for young people to sip on slush cocktails and gobble on some popcorn, while being schooled from expert speakers in the financial world.

It was 2016 and I was standing in the middle of the Sandton Convention centre, when Rick Rupping asked me to pitch my financial literacy event. I was unaware at the time, that he was the Marketing head of 1Life. I preached and sang hymns from my event proposal, I was going in! A month later, I hosted my very first Youth Money Circle event with Truth About Money; an amazing initiative by 1Life, and the award winning stockbroker, Easy Equities. What a start!

2 years earlier, 1 Life had taken a bold step. In March 2014, they launched Truth About Money – A platform that makes financial education and services available to all South Africans at no charge. An initiative to help people to truly take control of their finances and to make informed financial decisions. This would be achieved through a financial education course valued at R2500, a debt management and estate and wills services, at no charge to successful online applicants. A massive investment to uplift South Africans. Something to commended and supported because there are very few spaces and initiatives that offer free financial education. You don’t even need to be a 1Life policy holder to benefit from the platform. A fresh approach from the various institutions who will talk a lot about financial literacy but sell you a policy or service in the same sentence.

Fast forward to 2019 and the current head of Marketing, Katherine Liese and her superb team have thrown their support behind our vision of creating a generation of financially savvy young people. In collaboration with Truth About Money and Easy Equities, we held an amazing event on the 28th September 2019. As our guest speakers, Samke Mhlongo, Winnie Kunene, Lesedi Mfolo and Busi Selesho provided meaningful information, practical examples and shared personal experiences which made the discussions real and relatable.

See the below images of what went down!