About Us

XXL Holdings has held numerous Financial literacy events and masterclasses with various institutions like Standard Bank, Liberty, Capitec Foundation, Tutuka Software and 1 Life.

This includes but is not limited to the sourcing of adequate suppliers, venues, speakers, digital marketing, catering, hiring out of event equipment and content creation.

The beginning of a solution

We strive to make money easy and fun, while providing financial education. The attitude adjustment is an interactive masterclass, designed to help employees start the often-difficult money conversations. A way to alleviate and to begin to solve employee personal financial stress. The masterclass aims to educate employees and to encourage them to be proactive with their personal finances, to draft a comprehensive budget, tackle their debt, prioritise saving and investments and to adequately plan for retirement.

Masterclass Objectives

  • To ensure that employees gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions that suit their financial situation.
  • To debunk misconceptions about money and financial concepts.
  • Encourage budgeting, debt management and to increase awareness on the importance of saving and investing.

Benefits of an Attitude adjustment masterclass

  • Employees can engage with a host of financial providers while reflecting on important financial topics.
  • Innovative, independent and impartial masterclass.
  • The delivery of real solutions and strategies for better money management.
  • Employees could explore savings solutions.
  • By addressing personal financial stress, employees can stay focused and engaged to their work. This may lead to lower absenteeism, better health, moral and productivity.