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The New Property Laws That Affect you and Umastandi (Landlord)!

There is no drama series that is more thrilling than a dysfunctional relationship between a tenant and Umastendi. From Tenants who constantly duck and dive come month end, to the shady landlord who promises you the world only for you to not even have hot water. The tenant who tries to enter their unit but sadly finds that their key no longer works or for the lights to go off, just before they find out who has won the latest

K for Kubi – Debt Has Turned 10.23 Million Consumers Into Modern Day Slaves!

It’s been a week and I thought that I would have recovered by now, from the statistics recently shared by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). I’m still shook that so many people have become modern day slaves to debt. They have robbed their future selves by spending money they have yet to earn, some even on frivolous things. That people are working, living and breathing to solely pay bills and debt orders. That 10.23 million consumers can’t even keep up

What Retirement Gift Will You Give Your Future Self: The 10X Retirement Reality Report 2020

Last year, we had the privilege of sharing some tasty croissants and fresh fruit with the CEO and founder of 10X Investments; Steven Nathan, and his knowledgeable team to discuss the 10X Retirement Reality Report 2019. The visionary leader outlined various reasons why so many people fail to adequately prepare for retirement. This was an eye opening discussion! With the Covid 19 pandemic still gripping South Africa, this year’s report was delivered to us virtually. A webinar and breakfast courtesy of

Wealth Creation is less about saving hacks and more about HABITS!

Last week, I nearly died of laughter for all the wrong reasons. I had come across a thread of saving tips and hacks. From the downright delusional to the unrealistic. It made me realize that there needs to be a major shift in the way that we view wealth creation as young people. It isn’t an overnight thing. Wealth is less about savings and more about habit. A long term commitment. I do admit though that some saving hacks can