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K for Kubi – Debt Has Turned 10.23 Million Consumers Into Modern Day Slaves!

It’s been a week and I thought that I would have recovered by now, from the statistics recently shared by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). I’m still shook that so many people have become modern day slaves to debt. They have robbed their future selves by spending money they have yet to earn, some even on frivolous things. That people are working, living and breathing to solely pay bills and debt orders. That 10.23 million consumers can’t even keep up

What Retirement Gift Will You Give Your Future Self: The 10X Retirement Reality Report 2019

Last week, I found myself sharing tasty croissants and fresh fruit with the CEO and founder of 10X Investments; Steven Nathan, and his knowledgeable team to discuss the 10X Retirement Reality Report 2019. The Visionary leader began by outlining why the report was initiated and the motivations that led him to creating 10X. He was bold, honest and REAL. A breath of fresh air. 10x’s mission is to help people to retire with dignity. This spoke volumes to me, particular

The Gems that Maya Fisher-French dropped at the Take 5 Series!

Last night, we went to the Johannesburg leg of the Take 5 series by Nedgroup investments. A free hour long talk on tax efficient investing with the successful financial consumer journalist, author and public speaker; Maya Fisher-French. One of our FAVS! Usually most people’s minds go straight to flight mode when the word “TAX” is mentioned. The thought of SARS taking chunks of our molla, whilst trying to understand the numbers, can be depressing. However, Maya’s mix of humour, relatability

Wealth Creation is less about saving hacks and more about HABITS!

Last week, I nearly died of laughter for all the wrong reasons. I had come across a thread of saving tips and hacks. From the downright delusional to the unrealistic. It made me realize that there needs to be a major shift in the way that we view wealth creation as young people. It isn’t an overnight thing. Wealth is less about savings and more about habit. A long term commitment. I do admit though that some saving hacks can