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The “B” word – The First step to getting your S%#t together Financially!

Budget People constantly scream from the rafters of social media, that they don’t have any money to save and invest at the end of each month, yet they have never taken the time to draw up a budget. The Liver! Let me point out the very obvious – how is it possible to know with certainty that you don’t have enough money to save, but you have no clue of what your expenses and incomes are? The ex you avoid at all

The Lifestyle adjustment – A trap to avoid!

One of the worst things that you can do, is to get caught up in a lifestyle adjustment – Where your standard of living increases simultaneously with the rise of your income. The trap of earning more to only pay others more. Let me explain. Promotions and raises in income have the tendency to bring about new spending and costs, as most people adjust their lifestyle for the better. Financial institutions will increase your credit limit and give you a bigger

Harnessing the co-operative power of Stokvels as millennials!

When some young people hear the words “stokvel”, they immediately start thinking of an outdated system used by our grannies to buy groceries, raise funds or bury loved ones. Yet young people harness co-operative financial power all the time. Let me explain. I was recently at a club and watched a group of my peers nervously studying their bill. One of them whipped out their phone and started making calculations. It was Algebra at its best. After the imbizo of calculations