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Random Money Monday Rant – You are both the cause and the solution when it comes to your money!

Lol I read a tweet yesterday that said, “All I need is R1 Million to breathe properly”. I laughed, but realized that when it comes to spiralling debt or achieving a state of financial freedom, you are both the cause and the solution. It is your battle to win or to lose. No financial product, money management book, dodgy Forex trader or advisor is going to solve your money problems. It has to start with YOU! You need to be deliberate

Investing 101 – Part 1, Getting started!

Investing in shares sounds like a daunting task that requires one to have a PHD in money, but that’s not the case! Investing can be easy, fun and profitable. The feeling of watching a share grow in value is unbelievable. For an example, in 2002 had you invested R10 000 in Capitec on the day it listed in at R1.80 a share, that investment would be worth nearly R4.2 million. So what are you waiting for? There’s money to

Attitude adjustment

To become WEALTHY, you must be willing to INVEST the money you have TODAY, that others DON’T invest, in order to afford the things TOMORROW, that others WON’T. An attitude adjustment is needed!!! South Africans are trapped by a consumption mentality. We want everything NOW! Clothes, cars, houses, holidays and gadgets. We at times, want these things to show people that we are living and doing better than them. As a result, we end up working, living and breathing to solely pay