Our Services

Financial Literacy events – Youth Money Circle (CSI)

The Youth Money Circle is a free and fun financial literacy event, where young people are encouraged to interact with guest speakers on a variety of financial topics in order to stimulate financial education and debate. Each event is free with limited seating, and features various activities like a DJ, colorful slush cocktails, book giveaways, popcorn and make-up tutorials to create an informal and fun learning environment. These events run for a duration of 3-5 hours with 4 unique speakers, on a Saturday morning. A competent host drives the dialogue during each speaker session which is in a panel discussion format.

Our core target market is youth between the ages of 18-35. These are young and aspirational professionals, graduates, entrepreneurs, influencers and students. We have previously hosted high school students from Phandi Mfundo Secondary school (Etwatwa) and Jabula Secondary school ( Soweto).

These events are funded through CSI funding and sponsorships from various institutions that want to drive financial education, while sparking PR and creating marketing conversions of their products and services.

Youth Money Circle Objectives – Awareness, Knowledge sharing and changed Behaviour

  • To create awareness about the importance of financial literacy.
  • To share knowledge and information about the various resources, products and services that lead to better money management, savings and investments.
  • To ensure that young people make better financial decisions over time by encouraging them to adopt better financial habits.

The Tools – Event and marketing touch points

  • Creation of an interactive financial literacy event with various speakers covering key financial topics.
  • Relatable and unusual blog posts, social media content, polls and emailers sent to our audience pre and post event. This is a subtle re-enforcement of lessons learnt at events and a way to track our impact.
  • Uploading of our video content from events to reach a broader audience.

Corporate financial literacy masterclasses - Attitude Adjustment

A comprehensive financial literacy masterclass created to change the way that corporate employees think, feel and behave towards their finances. To ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions that suit their financial situation. A way to reduce financial stress that may seep into the workplace.

This masterclass includes but is not limited to the following:

  • An interactive and fun masterclass that runs for 3 – 4 hours which includes snacks, music and a financial quiz.
  • A relatable and high energy moderator.
  • Digital Workbook Covering 5 key modules –
    Budgeting, vehicle finance pitfalls, saving and
    investing, debt management and retirement.
  • Exercises to make complex financial concepts
  • Introduction and explanation of financial
    Technology providers and their applications that
    make money management easier.
  • Access to an experienced financial advisor.

The Reality
Young people often enter the world of work without the knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions and by extension, manage their finances accordingly. Even those that are well established have fallen into poor financial habits that often lead to massive debt and growing personal financial stress. These low levels of financial literacy are reflected in the R1.73-Trillion in total consumer debt (According to the reserve bank). With over 11 million over indebted people (Those who’s expenses are greater than their income).

The effects
Over the years, numerous global studies and surveys have shown that personal financial stress can seep into the workplace and begin to affect an employee’s productivity and performance. A noted correlation that is alarming, as an organization’s most prized asset is an employees work productivity, focus, creativity and ability to solve problems. Thus, ways to deal with personal financial stress are important.