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Inspire a positive culture of savings and investments


Each Youth money circle event runs for a duration of 3 hours with 4 unique and relatable speakers

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Inspire a positive culture of savings and investments among young South Africans.

The Last Youth Money Circle Event was a Smash!!

Thank you to everyone that came to our Youth Money Circle event on the 16th September 2017 at the Standard Bank Incubator. It served as yet another indication of the importance of financial literacy, and the deep desire and hunger from the youth to build better relationships with money. Thank you to Standard Bank, Liberty, Easy Equities, MINI Leo Haese and the 4 amazing speakers that we hosted. If you missed the event, these were some of their key thoughts…

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Financial Literacy Month Should Matter To The Youth, But It Doesn’t

It’s disheartening as a young black South African that my peers know more about Beyonce’s twins than they do about their finances. During Financial Literacy Month last year, I attended the Money Expo 2016. The entrance was free and a large contingent of financial institutions and organisations were exhibiting different products and services. In addition, there was a range of diverse speakers engaging on a variety of financial topics. My mind was stimulated. All that knowledge in one arena. During…

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South Africans Need A Financial Attitude Adjustment

To become wealthy, you must be willing to invest the money you have today, in order to afford the things tomorrow, that others won’t. However, a financial attitude adjustment is needed whether you are rich or poor. Some South Africans are trapped by a consumption mentality. We want everything now. Clothes, cars, houses, holidays and gadgets. Sometimes we want these things, to show people that we living and doing better than them. As a result, we end up working, living…

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Investing 101 – Part 1, Getting started!

Investing in shares sounds like a daunting task that requires one to have a PHD in money, but that’s not the case! Investing can be easy, fun and profitable. The feeling of watching a share grow in value is unbelievable. For an example, in 2002 had you invested R10 000 in Capitec on the day it listed in at R1.80 a share, that investment would be worth nearly R4.2 million. So what are you waiting for? There’s money to be…

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