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Inspire a positive culture of savings and investments


Each Youth money circle event runs for a duration of 3 hours with 4 unique and relatable speakers

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Inspire a positive culture of savings and investments among young South Africans.

Savings achievement sparks fire to help youth

Cape Town – A Fin24 user shares how he through sheer commitment managed to save R14 869 in just over 12 months. Tshepo “Dj @ Large” Kgapane, 25, writes: “Growing up, my parents always instilled money lessons to me and my sibling. We always had to work hard and save to get the things we wanted, although our parents could afford almost anything. Saving and planning for the future was a constant theme in their lessons and advice. Books like…

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Popping Bottles – Everybody is getting paid tonight except me!

I was recently at the club, sipping on some Champers in the VIP section, when it dawned on me, “Everybody is getting paid tonight except me”. Let me explain…. When I arrived at the parking area of the club, I was cheerfully greeted and guided by a charismatic car guard who swore an oath by shouting, “Noma yini bhozza yam’ ngizoyibheka”, to protect my ride with his life. He is getting PAID tonight to look after my car! As I…

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DJ to host dialogue to help youth obtain financial freedom

A YFM DJ and Kempton resident’s passion for money and young people has given birth to Youth Money Circle – an event aimed at spreading financial knowledge. The brainchild of Tshepo ‘Dj @ Large’ Kgapane, the event will not be a regular conference, seminar or workshop but rather an “unconventional dialogue and debate about wealth accumulation, savings and financial literacy through the sharing of information and ideas”, Kgapane explained. The radio personality and businessman, a former Edleen Primary School pupil,…

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