Popping Bottles – Everybody is getting paid tonight except me!

I was recently at the club, sipping on some Champers in the VIP section, when it dawned on me, “Everybody is getting paid tonight except me”. Let me explain….

When I arrived at the parking area of the club, I was cheerfully greeted and guided by a charismatic car guard who swore an oath by shouting, “Noma yini bhozza yam’ ngizoyibheka”, to protect my ride with his life. He is getting PAID tonight to look after my car!

As I made my way to the entrance of the club with my friends, I was padded down by a bouncer who was in search of prohibited objects. He further scanned me to ensure that I was dressed appropriately. He is getting PAID tonight to search me and ensure I behave!

As we proceeded into the land of fantasy, we were warmly welcomed by a waiter who led us to an available table in the VIP section. She introduced herself, took our orders and hurried to the bar. She is getting PAID to serve me today!

As I got comfortable in a seat that gave me full view of my surroundings, I gazed and scanned the room. “Amahhashi”, terrible mixing by the Dj broke my focus! Nxah! Despite his hopeless and boring set, he is getting PAID to play music tonight!

Our bottles of champagne eventually arrived in a bucket of fireworks. The popping of bottles, signaled payment to the distiller, distributor and club! ALL getting PAID!

After a couple of toasts, I dashed to the restroom. Once in, I had to carefully navigate my path to urinals, as a cleaner was frantically mopping. He was getting PAID to clean up tonight!

As I pushed and squeezed my mkhaba through the dancing and intoxicated crowd; making my way back to VIP, I was blinded by a great white flash! A photographer was trying to capture the moment in a still image. He was getting PAID tonight to take pictures!

Everybody is getting paid tonight – the car guard, bouncer, waiter, Dj, club owner, cleaner and photographer. Like the 300 + people in the club, I am SPENDING and earning nothing tonight! Everyone is entitled to have some fun and pop bottles, but if you at the club every weekend what exactly are you celebrating?? Why are you spending so much?? Remember that It’s your spending habits that make you rich, not your salary, so find the balance.

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