Attitude adjustment

To become WEALTHY, you must be willing to INVEST the money you have TODAY, that others DON’T invest, in order to afford the things TOMORROW, that others WON’T.
An attitude adjustment is needed!!!

South Africans are trapped by a consumption mentality. We want everything NOW! Clothes, cars, houses, holidays and gadgets. We at times, want these things to show people that we are living and doing better than them. As a result, we end up working, living and breathing to solely pay bills and debt orders. The R20 000 bill for alcohol at a club, the exorbitant car instalments and housing rentals that are paid yet fridges are empty, the reckless use of credit cards and loans.

When will we start saving and investing for our futures? When will we own shares, property and assets that accumulate in value? When will we take control and financially emancipate ourselves?

It starts today with an attitude adjustment!! You need to change the way that you think, feel and behave towards your finances. Understand that wealth is the shade you get from the seed of savings and investments you sow. This takes TIME, SACRIFICE and DELAYED GRATIFICATION.

Plant your seed today by saving and investing the little you have. Be consistent and patient. Make sacrifices by not purchasing the items you want today on credit. Delay until tomorrow when you have saved up enough for them. Start budgeting and planning. Look at your unnecessary expenses and cut them. You have time to research Beyonce and watch Our Perfect wedding, but you don’t READ, ASK and RESEARCH about your own finances!! Ihhlazo as my mother would put it. You are invested in how other people are living life on social media but show zero enthusiasm in your own.

Take control. Hone your ability to understand how money works in the world. Get to a point where you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions that suit your financial situation. Read financial books, see a financial advisor, get information on financial products – some require as little as R300 a month. Stay in your finance lane and live within your means. Let them spend while you save, invest and OWN!

Take Control, Adjust your attitude!

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