Random Money Monday Rant – You are both the cause and the solution when it comes to your money!

Lol I read a tweet yesterday that said, “All I need is R1 Million to breathe properly”. I laughed, but realized that when it comes to spiralling debt or achieving a state of financial freedom, you are both the cause and the solution. It is your battle to win or to lose. No financial product, money management book, dodgy Forex trader or advisor is going to solve your money problems. It has to start with YOU!

You need to be deliberate when it comes to money. It has the power to enslave or free you. You can either be the person who is drowning in debt and surviving each month one can of baked beans at a time, or you can be financially independent while accumulating assets that lead to a passive income stream. The cause and the solution. If you choose to become debt free and financially independent, then taking control of the way you save, invest and spend your money is going to be critical. But first you must make a decision, take action and commit.

As a young South African, I’m often shocked that something as important and powerful as money, isn’t respected or controlled by my peers. We have time to research which Kardashian ate the other’s leftovers in the fridge and watch Date my Family, but we don’t read, ask and research about our own finances. Ironically, we are so invested in how other people are living life on social media but show zero enthusiasm in your own. I can already hear your excuses and comments as you read this. “I don’t have enough to save and invest, Aggg don’t bore us with this money talk”. If not now, then when do we make the decision to save, invest and build generational wealth? Money management is a behavior and more importantly a decision!

Money requires you to be deliberate and not a genius. The resources and information is all there to assist you along your journey! Step one though, is to make a decision!

Happy Random Money Monday Rant!

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