What 14 Days Of Eating Healthy Taught Me About Money

I’ve often heard people saying that eating healthy and getting fit is expensive. The Gym memberships, various supplements and foods. With my Mkhaba, I definitely don’t have the answers. Whether this myth is true or not, I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to get Fit on a budget?

Juanita Khumalo at the Financial Bootcamp 2020

So last month, we were graced by Juanita Khumalo at our Financial Boot camp. The entrepreneur and wellness influencer was there to debunk this myth and to show us how eating healthy and getting fit could be done on a budget and in a practical way. A refreshing and hilarious conversation that inspired me to start eating healthier. 14 days of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, less sugar and zero starch. I can feel my Mkhaba slowly melting away.

During these 14 days I realised that eating healthy and getting fit is like generating wealth.

A commitment

If I’m completely honest, I have ever fully committed to getting fit and eating healthy. Perhaps I was always doing it for the wrong reasons. This time around, I would be doing it for me. No guilt trips from health enthusiast’s or my GP. I needed to fully commit to this change that I hoped would extend passed 14 days. A commitment followed by actions. You can’t be eating healthy but still be snacking on amagwinya! Money requires a similar commitment. You have to create a money plan with goals. The question you should always ask yourself is why. Why are you saving, getting a credit card, investing, making a particular purchase? During our corporate masterclasses, I always remind people that you will not get out of debt while still maintaining the same lifestyle that got you into the debt. Fully commit to getting out, which also requires a change in your behavior.

Changed behaviour

During these past 14 days, I realised that the battle was only half won by stocking up my fridge with healthy foods. The other half of the battle was with my mind. I was craving everything from Chicken liken wings to ice cream and waffles! I had to be committed to the process and to start changing my behaviour and mind-set towards food. Patience, discipline and consistency would be key.  Eating right and exercising over time had to be a priority.

The same can be said for getting your finances in order and building wealth. It’s a process that requires you to start seeing your money differently. To budget, exhibit delayed gratification and to spend less than you earn.  A process that equally requires Patience, discipline and consistency; unless you win the Powerball, but even they end up broke because they lack discipline.

No short cuts

When it comes to losing weight there are no shortcuts. Diet pills and magic shakes that claim to get you instantly slim are like get rich quick schemes. Both will lose you money with zero results. Offers that seem to be too good to be true. There are no short cuts for generating wealth and losing weight. Don’t fall for the Forex traders who claim to be able to make you as rich as Patrice Motsepe overnight!

Small victories

To keep myself motivated, I have one cheat meal every 7 days to keep my spirits high. A reward, but nothing fancy or overboard that could potentially derail me. So if you see me enjoying a wing or two, please don’t guilt trip me, it’s my cheat meal!

Something similar is required when it comes to personal finance. Paying yourself first is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, It’s to reward yourself for working hard. Secondly, it’s to get you into the habit of saving and investing. Lastly, it’s to teach you about budgeting and being frugal. Once you pay yourself first through saving or investing, you have to do a balancing act of ensuring that you can still pay off all your bills.

Despite this current lockdown, I will remain on the course. I’m committed. No shortcuts, changed behaviour and small victories along the way. Let me drink water and eat my veggies.

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