Treat Your Money Like A Person That You Are In A Relationship With!

Pushing the rewind button back to an eye-opening session with Ilze Alberts about, “Staying woke with your money”. Last year, we were lucky to be hosting one of the very few wealth psychologists in South Africa. An experienced and successful human behaviour specialist, wealth psychologist and author. Her humour, relatability and genius was delivered to us in a 40-minute Youth Money Circle session, filled with numerous questions from the youth in attendance. Questions around money and happiness, retail therapy and the definition of wealth. We were fascinated! Then Ilze shared something that completely changed my perspective on money. She stressed that we should treat money like a person that we are in a relationship with. YES, CRAZY I KNOW! This forever changed my view of money. She used her marriage as an example.

“When I met my husband, I wanted to know everything about him and to take care of him. I studied and wanted to understand him better. Thus, he stayed with me and we got married. That’s how money works. Court your money and take care of it by budgeting, saving and buying shares. Show money that you care for it. Show money that you don’t want to divorce or break up”.

Consider the kind of relationship that you have with your money and the consequences that follow. How have you been treating your money? Romantic candle-lit dinners or ghosting and blue-ticking? Have you showed your money that you want it to stay?

Watch Ilze’s full session on our Youtube channel by clicking the below image.

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