It’s important that you put your money to work! You do this by being the CEO of your finances. So what does this mean?

As the CEO of your finances, your goal is to become financially independent by building wealth. The income you make (salary from your job or side hustles) are your employees, who make it possible for you to reach your ultimate goal. You work hard for your employees, and they should be working twice as hard for you.

So it’s your duty as the CEO to put your employees to work.  

Each employee must be assigned a job within the different departments. These different departments are viewed as various assets. Shares at the JSE or aboard, cryptocurrency, livestock, property and more. As the CEO you must evaluate these departments to find the best before depositing your employees.

By giving your employees jobs in these different departments, you reduce the risk of not reaching your goal, as one department may outperform another.

It’s important that you set yearly targets for your employees and the various departments, who are all ultimately working towards you becoming financially independent. At different intervals throughout the year, you must monitor and evaluate the performance of the various employees within those departments. If the employees and departments do well by growing in value or by providing an income through dividends, you reward the department. You do this by allocating more employees in that department so that they can perform even better. If there are too many employees in a department you must move them and spread the manpower.

As the CEO – You must put your employees to work, give them all the resources required to perform their jobs and you monitor them. Ultimately your actions and decisions as the CEO determine when and if you ever reach yours goals. You must be patient and unemotional. Focused and determined. You must seek guidance from experts and be clued up.

Each CEO will choose their own departments, which is determined by what they want to achieve.

Some companies will fail and shut down because their employees aren’t being put to work.  While other companies will thrive!

Start with a few employees and deposit them into a department. Monitor them, including the cost to keep them at work (fees). Slowly move from being a start-up to a massive corporation.

Put your money to work, CEO!

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