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Building an Emergency Fund: Why the Lockdown didn’t catch some with their pants down

We have now entered season 2 of the national lockdown and I’m very close to losing my marbles. The heavy bad news cycle is also affecting my spirits. We are all strapped into this rollercoaster, trying to keep sane at every twist and turn. Despite all of this, there are some important money lessons coming out of this lockdown. Some weren’t caught with their pants down. Let me shumayela (Preach) and explain. For many years, financial advisors and planners have

Treat Your Money Like A Person That You Are In A Relationship With!

Pushing the rewind button back to an eye-opening session with Ilze Alberts about, “Staying woke with your money”. Last year, we were lucky to be hosting one of the very few wealth psychologists in South Africa. An experienced and successful human behaviour specialist, wealth psychologist and author. Her humour, relatability and genius was delivered to us in a 40-minute Youth Money Circle session, filled with numerous questions from the youth in attendance. Questions around money and happiness, retail therapy and

Day 1 : What Could This Lockdown Mean For Your Chunkuras???

Today marks day 1 of the 3-week lockdown in South Africa, due to the Covid 19 outbreak. A nightmare of uncertainty and madness, that none of us seem to be waking up from. Two deaths have been recorded so far and it’s clear that things will never be the same again! Despite this, there is some good news for your money. YES, I said it, some good damn news! In the words of the Chinese general and military strategist; Sun

The New Property Laws That Affect you and Umastandi (Landlord)!

There is no drama series that is more thrilling than a dysfunctional relationship between a tenant and Umastendi. From Tenants who constantly duck and dive come month end, to the shady landlord who promises you the world only for you to not even have hot water. The tenant who tries to enter their unit but sadly finds that their key no longer works or for the lights to go off, just before they find out who has won the latest